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Simple plan how to get into the Crypto world on a single page.

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Is crypto for me?

If you know someone who trades in cryptocurrencies, or you've just read an article about it, you're probably wondering, "Is this something for me? What does it mean for the future? And how can I get started?"


When you open any page about the crypt, you will immediately come across a few terms that you may never have heard, as well as information about the huge volatility of the market and a lot of fraudsters, thanks to which you would rather give up.


But it certainly doesn't have to be that way. You can move in the crypt both with great risk and quite safely.


This page is intended to help those who would like to start with a crypt. I want to carry you out as I would explain to my friend, without unnecessary complexity and technical jargon.


It must be added that I am not a financial advisor, and the entire content is for educational purposes.

Where to start?

The whole ecosystem of cryptocurrencies is quite extensive, so let's answer what you can expect from a crypt?


Do you want to trade daily, just like you do on the stock market? Invest in new projects like a Kickstarter? Save for retirement? Own digital art? Or invest in digital dollars?


As you can see, there are several options and I have listed a few. The world of cryptocurrencies has gone through many years of development, and it is no longer just Bitcoin. I have only recently started cryptocurrencies, and I have been most attracted to the vision of supporting new technologies and the overall change that awaits the current financial system. At least I hope so.


If you're not sure at the beginning, it doesn't matter, we'll start where we have to and other options will show up over time. We will assume that you have a certain amount of money that you would like to invest in the crypt. This amount should not be large enough to ruin your whole life if lost. It is not a problem to start small to gain experience, or even without investment and try everything for granted.

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The cryptocurrency ecosystem and how to track your profit?

If you search for a place on the globe, a city, the state you will usually go to google maps. Even the crypto world has a place where you can find almost everything.


On these pages, you will find both individual cryptocurrencies and crypto exchanges, information on the current market situation, news, and other info from the crypto world.


If you decide to invest in a certain cryptocurrency, this is the place for you to start your search for whether the currency is trustworthy, whether it has a reputable team of people behind it, how the individual currency tokens are distributed, etc.



I recommend choosing which page suits you best and registering. There is one simple reason to do this and that is to monitor your portfolio. Over time, you will find that not all cryptocurrencies are on all exchanges, so over time, it is likely that you will have more accounts on several crypto exchanges, wallets, etc. And it is very good to keep track of where you bought what, even if you are in the plus or minus.



I personally use CBC - CoinMarketCap, they have their own application on their mobile phone, where you blink every morning and immediately know how you're doing.

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Where to trade?

Just as you need your bank to send money, you need a similar place in the cryptworld.


There are many options. No less if you look at CoinMarketCap and click on Exchanges, you will quickly find that the biggest player here is Binance. Binance has a huge number of products and cryptocurrencies. It also has a lot of educational videos on YouTube. Plus, there's a testing environment where you can try everything without investing a single dollar. Register via the link below.

After registering, a lot of options will pop up for you, including leveraging up to 125 times, I recommend ignoring it, it's high risk and you can quickly lose all your savings. For now, all you have to do is get acquainted with spot trading, a wallet and other offers on Binance.

Before you send money to Binance, you can try everything at

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Where to buy what you won't find on Binance?

It will happen to you that you will discover a cryptocurrency that you will want to buy, but Binance will not offer it. There are a lot of so-called altcoins and if you need to find where to buy them, go back to CoinMarketCap and click on "Market" for the cryptocurrency. You will see the crypto exchanges that the given coin offers. I have an account on several of them and I can recommend eg Okex, Kucoin, Kraken or Coinbase.


How to spend your crypto?

Once you've transferred the money to the crypt, you'll be wondering if you can pay for it. Many companies have tried to introduce credit cards, not always successfully, but one has done very well. This is This company has teamed up with Visa, so with their card, you can pay wherever they take Visa.


This card has several advantages, has a CashBack of 1% -8%, and pays for the services of Spotify, Netflix, Amazon Prime. But before you rejoice, these benefits depend on the amount you are willing to lock in CRO currency for 160 days.


  • Ruby card - $ 400 - Spotify, 2% cashback

  • Purple, green - $ 4000 - Netflix + Spotify, 3% cashback

  • Silver, white - $ 40000 - Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Prime, 5% cashback



So most people will approach the Ruby card, having a free Spotify is great why not. You will receive all cashbacks in CRO currency. The actual locking of the CRO currency for 160 days will bear an additional 10% interest.



Overall, a very successful product and if the price of the CRO token continues to rise, you will earn even more.


If you are interested in the card, click on the link below. If you order at least a red card you will get a $ 25 bonus!


You are unhappy with the fact that interest rates on bank savings accounts are really low, often it does not even cover inflation, you can easily have an interest rate of up to 21% in the crypto.


Yes it's right. While you sleep, your cryptocurrency doesn't have to. You can continue to earn and you see the rewards daily or weekly. In addition, they are added to the basis, which bears interest.


So if you want to save for retirement, this is one of the options. The risk will always be in what crypto you invest and how the price of a given cryptocurrency develops.


The leader in this area is the company Celsius with its CEL token. It is founded by Alex Mashinsky, thanks to whom, by the way, people can call via Skype today. He patented VoiceIP.


Celsius has an amazing community and the team believes in future change in how finance and economics work.


One of the interesting options of the platform is the possibility to take out a loan with 1% interest! Although it seems almost impossible, it is not a loan as we know it - "I don't have the money I'm going to borrow from a bank". It is a loan where you must have at least twice what you borrow in your wallet. You can guess what it will be for? Well, simply because you don't have to spend your cryptocurrency and you can borrow dollars, for example, and repay the loan you have at the bank at a high-interest rate.


If you register over the link below, you will receive a bonus of $ 40 in BTC currency with a transfer of at least $ 400.

How to capitalize on your deposit and save for retirement?